General construction of an appartmenthouse with 18+7 appartments in Sopron, Ősz utca

Actual, Residental buildings

Principal: VACS Beruházó Zrt
Project: Phase 1 – 18 appartments
We have received the order for the new construction of a three-storey building in row house style in “U” shape, over the remaining vaulted wine cellar made of thick brickwork on the right side of the property. A new underground car park is being built on the left side of the property.
The walls of the underground car park are made with a concreted cavity wall construction, the ceiling is made of cast-in-place reinforced concrete. Due to the nature of the property, the working area for the construction of the underground car park is being demarcated with self-service piles, the foundation of the neighboring buildings is also necessary. The parts of the building above the underground car park are of conventional masonry construction, the false ceilings are made with filigree ceilings. The roof construction is a traditional carpentry construction (pitched roof) with tile covering. In the building, 18 apartments and 1 commercial space will be created, in the underground car park there are 32 vehicle parking spaces in addition to the storage rooms per apartment. Total area of ​​the apartments: 1,311.37 m2, terrace area: 479.26 m2, retail area: 565.39 m2. Total usable area of ​​the building: 3,364.42 m2.
Phase 2 – 7 appartments
4 storeys: basement floor: 464 m2, ground floor: 336 m2, 1st upper floor: 343 m2, 2nd upper floor: 285 m2
Total floor space: 1400 m2 appartments + 193 m2 terraces/balconies

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