Renewal hydroelectric power plant, Alsószölnök

Industrial buildings

Principal: Jank Magyarország Kft
Project: The hydropower plant built in the 1980s on the Austrian-Hungarian border on the Raab was renovated on behalf of the Austrian owner in order to increase capacity. The prerequisite for the feasibility of the project was – for the first time in Hungary – the construction of a fish pass prescribed by the competent authority. During the renovation, the dredging, cleaning and restoration of the river bed leading to the power plant were also completed. The new turbines to be installed required a complete internal renovation of the power station building (reinforced concrete slabs) and steel turbine hoppers were installed, which were integrated into the existing reinforced concrete structures with a special precast formwork. On the upstream side, the river bed and the side wall (special monolithic concrete structures) also had to be rebuilt in order to receive a new rake. Dredging and restoring the bed in the groundwater was part of the project.

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