STETTIN-HUNGARIA formwork production hall

Industrial buildings

Principal: Own investment
Project: Due to the expansion and development of the production capacity, the existing 551 m2 hall was expanded. The new hall was built as a continuation of the existing hall with the same span and usable height that is connected to the old one. The new hall is 914 m2. The floor is a surface hardened industrial floor. The load-bearing structure consists of steel main girders. The base consists of POROTHERM masonry with external thermal insulation. The facade cladding and the sandwich panel are clad with trapezoidal sheet steel cladding on the roof edge. The roof has a low slope with ventilation domes with a distant opening in the ridge line. The hall is heated with gas-operated fan heaters. The extinguishing water network was built and a modern painting booth with a floor area of 106 m2 was placed in the hall.

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