Contruction of the Blaguss location in Győr

Office buildings

Principal: Blaguss-Agora Hungary Zrt
Project: Our services included the construction of a new two-storey office building, a washing facility for buses and a parking lot for buses.
The foundation consists of point foundations and base beams, followed by an in-situ reinforced concrete structure and load-bearing masonry. The building is heated with a gas boiler, the offices are equipped with a fan coil system, which is also used for cooling.
The floor of the assembly hall and the wall in the car wash received an epoxy coating. PVC insulation was attached to the roof.
In addition, parking spaces for buses and cars were created. The facade was insulated and one part was clad in sheet metal.
The building services room, toilet and kitchen are located on the ground floor of the two-storey office building. On the first floor there are 3 offices, a kitchenette and a toilet.
In the washing system, an oil separator with a sand trap was installed for the technology and a high-performance rainwater lifting system was installed for the drainage of rainwater.

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