Wolf Plastics office building

Office buildings

Principal: Wolf Plastics Kft
Project: The building used to be the manorial center of the Bezerédj family, after World War II it was used as a kindergarten and elementary school. The old building has a ground floor + 1 upper floor with a pointed roof. In the course of the construction work, the entire building had been renovated. The walls were retrofitted and the floor plan was completely redesigned due to a change in function. The old stairs were abolished, new offices and social blocks were built. The plaster, substrates, covers as well as doors and windows were renewed. A completely new building technology system was created – heating, sewerage and new electrical installation. While the project was being carried out, the building was expanded to include a new staircase and a new attic. The design and construction were characterized by the use of high quality materials and technical solutions. The total usable area of the building is 515 m2.

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