Extension of the Szent Margit church in Sopron

Public buildings

Principal: Árpádházi Szent Margit Plébánia
Project: The St. Margit Church in Sopron was built on one of the most beautiful places in Sopron. The new church building is three-story, the urn cemetery is on the bottom floor, the church interior above and the gallery above. A total of more than 300 people can be accommodated here.
We guaranteed the stability of the almost 13 m deep working pit for several months with a special embankment protection. Because of the more than 20% slope of the property, a stepped foundation was planned. The wall constructions were made with large formwork. Since the majority of the structures are located underground, insulation against water pressure and an insulating sheet were installed between the wall and the backfilled earth with the greatest care. The greatest challenge was manufacturing the arched beetle back roof construction made of straight beams and boards. The building gets its character from the clinker brick cladding and the natural Spanish slate, and especially from the 2 ton double cross, from which LED lights shine at night.

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