Renovation of the Szent Pál catholic dorm

Renovation and revitalization

Principal: Bishopric Győr
Project: The building is located in the historical center of Sopron, in Szent György utca 7/A, practically in an inner courtyard next to the historical castle wall. Before the regime change, it served as a laboratory building, then was returned to the Diocese of Győr and attached to the neighboring building of the parish of St. George. The building has a ground floor + 2 upper floors with a pointed roof. The three floors and the facade of the building were completely rebuilt and renovated, the roof remained unchanged. The building was constructed with masonry main and partition walls and a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. The floor plan of the building was completely redesigned. On the ground floor there is a reception room, laundry room, fitness room and communal area. There are 2-bed rooms on the first and second floors with a water block per room. Kitchen-dining room on each floor. During the investment, guest rooms and a chapel room were also built in the adjacent parish building. A new elevator was installed in the building. In the passage under the building, which is also open to the public, a new paving stone was made. The building’s supply connections were also renewed. The usable area of ​​the building is 2115 m2.

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