Apartment house in Mosonmagyaróvár

Residental buildings

Principal: Local Government Mosonmagyaróvár
Project: The implementation of the project was commissioned as part of a public procurement procedure. The building is located near the center of the district Moson. The basement + ground floor + first floor + attic extension were built. The load-bearing and partition wall is made of bricks, the ceilings are cast-in-place reinforced concrete structures, the roof is made of wood with steel support, the roofing material is made of brick. In the basement, 20 parking spaces have been set up on 711 m2. On the ground floor + first floor + attic there are a total of 25 apartments on 1446 m2. Pavings were made in the courtyard and 5 parking spaces were created in the public area. The implementation took place as a general contractor, the work included master builder and expansion work, building services and electrical installation, utility construction and road construction.

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