General construction apartment house with 51 apartments in Sopron

Residental buildings

Principal: LAWIE Hungária Kft
Project: The building consists of two blocks with a total of 4 staircases and 51 apartments and 2 business units.
The apartments are between 40 and 70 m2 in size, plus garages and parking spaces.
The residential complex is right next to the main road.
Because of the poor soil conditions, a deep foundation with so-called micro-pile foundations was used here, whereby almost 400 pieces, each 22 cm in diameter and 5 m in length, were moved.
The masonry and the roof structure were made in the conventional way, the ceiling panels are partly in-situ concrete and prefabricated filigree ceilings and the stairs are entirely made of prefabricated parts. Almost 5000 m2 of masonry was built for the masonry and around 1000 m3 of concrete was incorporated.
The apartments are heated with ordinary gas boilers and radiators.
The entire supply and the road with sidewalk, parking lots and lighting were built on the property over a length of 120 m; the building is accessible from here.
On the side facing the main street, a so-called garage retaining wall was built, which is used for noise insulation and also for parking vehicles or other objects.

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