Sopron apartment house with 43 apartments and underground garage

Residental buildings

Principal: Local Government Sopron
Project: The implementation of the project was commissioned as part of a public procurement procedure. Before the construction, there were one-story rental houses with shared courtyards on the building’s site. The demolition of these houses was part of the project. Archaeological excavations were also carried out during the earthworks. Number of floors: 2 basement floors + ground floor + 1 upper floor + attic conversion. The two basement floors consist of watertight slotted masonry with a watertight base plate. The slab between the basement and above the basement has a monolithic reinforced concrete structure. The structure consisted of POROTHERM masonry, monolithic reinforced concrete ceilings with a pitched roof with wooden construction and a tile roof covering. 96 parking spaces were built in the two-storey underground car park, and this is also where the control center and the water tank for the automatic extinguishing system are located. 43 apartments and 2 business rooms were built on the ground floor and the floors above. The net area of ​​the building is 6072 m2.

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