Szent Orsolya school in Sopron

Public buildings

Principal: Szent Orsolya Római Katolikus Általános Iskola, Gimnázium és Kollégium
Project: The St. Orsolya School consists of two larger blocks of buildings. In the first construction phase, the backyard hanging corridor of the so-called “Croatian house” was rebuilt from the listed school building at Széchenyi tér 21 – Várkerület 116, and the classrooms were rebuilt and renovated. The work was carried out in general contractor and included master builder and expansion work, high and low current installations as well as building services work. The usable area of ​​the building affected by the conversion and renovation is 750 m2. In the second construction phase, the building block under Orsolya tér 2-3 was renovated. The facade of the listed building on Orsolya Square and an inner courtyard have been renovated with plaster repairs and painting. The subsequent thermal insulation, the thin plaster and painting of the facades of two inner courtyards and the deep courtyard as well as the placement of decorative elements around the facade dividers and windows were completed. During the work, 125 facade doors and windows were replaced and 122 renovated

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