General construction contractor

The main area of activity of STETTIN-HUNGARIA includes the complete takeover and turnkey processing of construction projects as general construction contractors. The company is increasingly active in these regions and their surroundings through the locations in Sopron and Budapest. The numerous references show the new constructions of residential complexes, public buildings, commercial and industrial plants as well as various conversions and renovations, as well as the processing of listed buildings.

The execution in the best quality and the timely completion show the great satisfaction of the client and our repeated commissioning.

Branch office

The Budapest branch (11th district, Dombóvári út 9) was founded in 2002. From Budapest, the construction of larger residential buildings, industrial buildings and commercial and retail facilities is increasingly being carried out. The Budapest branch coordinates the construction of food markets, residential and commercial buildings in the capital and in Central Hungary.


STETTIN-HUNGARIA in Sopron has a 8-hectare industrial park with an industrial siding and complete infrastructure. There are 14 industrial and operating halls of various sizes on the site, with 70% of the industrial and operating halls being rented out to third parties. As a result, we offer numerous small and medium-sized companies an optimal basis and many of them also use the industrial park as their company headquarters.

Tunnel formwork systems

In the formwork construction plant, metal formwork constructions are produced for the construction of road, rail and underground tunnels. These must meet the highest quality requirements. For this reason, ongoing quality controls are carried out during production. The finished product is subjected to strict acceptance controls. Production is carried out by specially trained metal construction fitters and qualified welders. The formwork is planned in Austria. After the raw material has been delivered to the formwork construction plant in Sopron, the parts are put together and processed, which require a unique technology. After production, the finished product is either delivered directly to Austria or directly to the place of use.
The specially developed technology of the formwork construction allows an economical and individual production according to the client’s specifications. The tunnel formwork systems manufactured in Sopron are used both in Europe (underground railway construction in the Czech Republic, tunnel construction in Austria and Germany) and worldwide (tunneling an underground railway in Australia).
This means that all customer requests can be carried out quickly and in the best quality at your own location.
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