Renovation and revitalization of the Fire tower and castle wall promenade, construktion of a new tourists center in Sopron

Renovation and revitalization

Principal: Local Government Sopron
Projekt: The Sopron Fire Tower is the gate tower of the city surrounded by walls and has been Sopron’s landmark for centuries. During the construction of the new parish hall, the city walls and the buildings that supported the tower were demolished. When the work pit was excavated at that time, cracks formed in the vault abutment. In 1893, in order to avoid a collapse, the tower body was reinforced with the brick vault that can still be seen today. Due to the industrialization, the vibrations caused by the traffic, the weather conditions and also due to the increasing age of the construction, cracks appeared again on the tower. As part of a tender, the restoration work of the construction could be carried out together with the creation of a tourism office (information office, buffet and social block, museum).

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